Junior Pilot

Position: Junior Pilot
Reports to: Director of Operations
Category: Salaried/Exempt

Required Qualifications:

● Commercial pilot certificate, airplane single and multi-engine land with instrument rating.
● Eligible for FAA first class medical, current FAA second class medical.
● High School Diploma or equivalent.
● 700 hours total flight time.
● 100 hours of multi-engine time.
● Current US Passport

Preferred Qualifications:

● Certified flight instructor certificate.
● Completion of some college courses in a related field of study.
● FCC restricted radiotelephone operator permit.

Position Description:

The junior pilot is a ground floor opportunity to learn many aspects of the private aviation industry and acts as pilot in command of single engine piston aircraft, and second in command of turbine powered aircraft for which training has been received. When not performing flying duties, the junior pilot provides support to the Ward Aviation administrative staff. Common tasks include cleaning and stocking of aircraft, maintaining the currency of navigation databases and technical publications, performs weekly walk-arounds of aircraft to ensure flight readiness, and assisting with errands and administrative tasks as assigned. The junior pilot must be able to learn quickly and prioritize tasks with minimal supervision. The ability to handle confidential information appropriately is essential as this position works in close proximity to the executive team and clients. As a junior pilot you’ll have many opportunities to learn by accompanying other pilots on trips, taxiing aircraft to other locations on the airport, taking part in daily operations planning and finding solutions when things don’t go as planned. As a junior pilot you’ll be well positioned to take on higher level pilot positions within Ward Aviation when opportunities arise.